Vintage For All.

Since 2012...

We take the time to curate our favorite styles of 20th century vintage clothing from pre-1960's to 1990's, for adults & children that spans from disco to streetwear fashion. From thrashed and worn to deadstock pieces. As long as it's 20 years or older, we dig it.

Our buy/sell/trade policy is pretty simple: We pay out 30% cash or 45% store credit for whatever we think we can sell it for. We mainly deal with more casual clothing so no formal suits, gowns, or furs.

A few categories that we do buy? T-shirts, jeans and denim, sweatshirts and hoodies, pants, vintage workwear and outerwear. Just to name a few.


Your Style, Our History

Beyond Trends, Beyond Time: Uncover the Classics in Every Corner.

Inside you’ll find eclectic assortment of curated vintage. Each item hand picked. The most affordable way to browse our collection, come shop our Top Shelf Vintage Co storefront in historic downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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