New HeadQuarters 


Greetings from the official TopShelfVintageCo HQ in downtown Pawtucket, RI!
We've actually been here for the last few months but our furniture has finally settled and all our eclectic artwork has been hung. Loft life has been good to us so far - we even got a studio kitty, Fila, rounding out the small TopShelf team. 

Now you can come in and shop the store IRL in our showroom and/or shoot in our photography studio to be apart of my process! With the snowy season upon us, that means no more shooting outside but fear not - between the studio and the dope ass loft space we have, there has been no slowing down for me. 

Minutes from the highway (1-95) and the commuter rail, its easy to travel to whether you have a car or not! If your interested in stopping by for some shopping or shooting with me at the HQ, feel free to email at and we will set up an appointment!

Finally moved into my new headquarters building in downtown Pawtucket, RI but TopShelf's permanent unit is still under construction so we are making it work for the time being in a temporary (yet dope) space. Can't let the setbacks stop business so I've had a bunch of people over to help give the website a facelift, including a local Providence/NYC legend, Ignacio Quiles of Sartorial Pairings. Spent the whole afternoon with him seamlessly mixing his classic dandy style with our colorful menswear pieces in my big, brick filled apartment. His aesthetic is phenomenal; it was such a pleasure collaborating with some one of his caliber. 

To see more of his work/style, check out:

About a year ago, Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks and Stones Agency reached out to me to do
some photoshoot collaborations with TopShelf. Loving their work and style, I knew it was a match made in
 heaven. Little did I know that they would create magic with the little care package I loaned to them.
Their set even made it to the C-Heads Magazine blog (first time TopShelfVintageCo has ever been featured/published, no big deal). Here are some of my personal favorites featuring the ultimate babe @victoriadavies_ wearing TopShelfVintageCo. To peep at the rest, follow the link below:

Sticks & Stones Agency:


Well, its been a year since I’ve updated the blog and a shit ton has gone down. I 
picked up and moved to Mass. and have been making it work, growing TopShelfVintageCo in New England and hating life during the snow days. But it’s starting to warm up, I’ve meet a ton of new amazing people up here in "Iceland", and I have crazy big plans for the future. 

Come June 1st TopShelf will finally have a headquarters location in downtown Pawtucket, RI where, for the first time ever, clients can come in and shop the store in person as well as shoot in a fully equipped photography studio set-up and be apart of my company’s process. 

If you are in the Providence area and are interested in stopping by and/or shooting with me, don’t hesitate to call. Just 10 minutes north of Providence your vintage oasis awaits and all are welcome, by appointment only but easily accessible just email me (Annie) anytime at 

I stopped by Loft954 in Ft. Lauderdale to play with photographer, Ptah Quammie 

(aka. the wiz, ArtCrazyPhotog) and to show him some new spring pieces we have in store. 

I walk up to the building and a driver is politely pulling open the door of a Mercedes when I meet Grace, 

the gorgeous LA based model. 

She loved the old school style, so we got her ready, smoked, and hit the streets.

Ptah never ceases to amaze me, and it’s always a good time over at Loft954.

Check him out at:


We met up with Audubon this week at the Wynwood walls in Miami to shoot our spring lookbook. 

If you don’t know, he’s a lyrical mastermind hailing from Washington Heights, NY and is down in South Florida 

escaping the cold. The realest kid you will ever meet, we had a great day. 

Did some exploring, took some 

photos, and ended with the perfect surprise; stumbling across a Sal Val and thrifted. 

Go listen to his music, you’ll be glad you did, at: